Next Generation Dairy Consulting

Evidence Based Health, Welfare & Behavior Management

Next Generation Dairy Consulting focuses on evaluating management procedures through the lens of evidence-based best management practices to determine and implement farm specific management practices that will benefit the health and welfare of the dairy herd and the farm as a whole. 






Guelph, Ontario




Management will determine the success or failure of group housing!

Management will determine the success or failure of group housing!

Dr. Amy Stanton

Dr. Amy Stanton, PhD has a Bachelor of Science of Agriculture and a PhD from the University of Guelph.  Her research focused on the impact of management practices on the health and welfare of dairy replacement heifers.

 Following her graduate degree, Amy worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the Dairy Well-Being Specialist.  

During this time period, Amy focused on the management of dairy calves in group housing.  

Amy has now returned to Ontario, where she is the calf manager for Stanton Farms, a 1,000 cow dairy that focus on breeding high genomic animals.  In addition, Amy has been working on developing management protocols and evaluating performance of dairy farms, with specific emphasis on replacement animals - the future of your dairy farm. .